About Strategery

Hello! I, Sam Copeland, founded Strategery: Chess and Games in 2014 to celebrate and teach chess and other strategic games in the Midlands, I grew up in Columbia, South Carolina, and I learned to play chess from my father, many excellent local players, and what library books I could find. While there were lots of strong local players, there was little organized chess activity, and there were almost no opportunities for scholastic players. Once a year, there was the state scholastic championship - that was about it.

Today, chess is more popular and accesible than ever. Many countries, cities, and schools have begun to appreciate how useful chess is in teaching critical thinking and problem solving skills. Strategery is working to build, assist, and enrich scholastic chess programs, tournaments, adult chess clubs, and various strategic gaming activities. The future is exciting; there has never been so many talented, interested students of the game in SC!

Question: Why the name?! Answer: I get that a lot. Some have told me they really like the name. Some are less positive. I wanted a simple one word name that playfully alluded to strategy. I like it. I hope you do too :)

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