Strategery is dedicated to the teaching and celebration of chess and other strategic games including xiangqi, go, and backgammon in Columbia, the Midlands, and South Carolina. Strategery offers after school chess programs, local adult and scholastic tournament competition, group lectures, and private lessons. We are proud to be a part of a wonderful gaming tradition in the Carolinas, find more organizations on our links page.

We are proud to host the Midlands Scholastic Chess League, the Midlands largest chess tournament series. There's never a better time to try your first tournament; sign up today!

Players outside of South Carolina may be interested in the educational articles and videos available on and via the Youtube channel. Also, be sure to connect on Facebook and Twitter!

Strategery is always looking to form more partnerships with players, schools, and organizations. If you are interested in Strategery programs and events, please contact us!

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